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Jetpack Compose UI is the new UI framework originally developed by the Android team in Google and is now being picked up by Jetbrains who is also developing a desktop version. If you’re a Kotlin programmer then Jetpack Compose is the UI framework that you should be seriously considering if you are looking to develop applications that have a user interface.

Jetpack Compose takes a declarative approach that uses the composition of higher-order functions. Unlike some other frameworks, it does not use classes for defining components, each composable in Compose is a higher-order function and not an instance of a…

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Jetpack Compose has been in developer preview and now alpha for some time. It hasn’t reached a stable release yet and is still under heavy development from the people at Google. So why should you, as an Android developer, start learning it now? After all, views written in XML work fine.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that you should use Compose in your production app just yet, but I definitely think now is a good time to learn it and start experimenting with how it can be used in your apps. If you have an existing project, create…

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Jetpack Compose is a new UI toolkit for android (and desktop) that uses a declarative syntax much like Flutter, React and even swiftUI. Currently it’s rapidly evolving through various alpha releases, with a beta release scheduled for early to mid 2021.

It’s definitely not ready for production code yet, with APIs still changing between alpha releases and a few performance issues to iron out. Even so, this UI toolkit already has a lot of powerful features that can be explored, allowing developers to create some great looking and functional UI’s, so it’s well worth looking into now.

With this new…

In 2016 I decided to have a go at implementing this showreel in code:

tldr: Then, in 2016, ArcMotion didn’t work and wasn’t very flexible. Now it works for the above scenario, but is still not flexible and could be better.

The above showreel is the one where a FAB button drops down, in a curve, and uses a circular reveal to show some music playback controls. It seemed like a great way to learn more about animations in Android and explore what the framework could do.

The Android transition framework seemed like the best way to implement this. My…

RelativeWave’s Form is one of many UI prototyping tools currently available. At the end of 2015 the company released version 1.4 of Form, which amongst others things supported a new feature which allowed a From viewer to be run on a mac.

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